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Inform about Bnak transfer

Inform about Bnak transfer
Case 1 Your bank transfer is sent directly to Mizuho Bank
  • Before you make the bank transfer, please confirm if your bank will transfer directly to Mizuho Bank.
  • The fee for Mizuho Bank is 2500 yen
  • About your bank fee, please ask your bank.

Case 2 Your bank transfer is sent to Mizuho Bank via other Japanese Bank
  • The fee for other Japanese bank depends on the bank, so we can not inform you the price.

  • In both cases, if you arrange the remitter is responsible for all fees, the fee will be charged separately and we will receive the right amount we claim. Otherwise, when some extra fee is charged, the fee will be subtracted from the amount.
  • When we can not receive enough amount, we might ask you to send additional bank transfer.