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Gachinama Girls Fight VOL.5 Yuki Shiho VS Yoko Yamada
Gachinama Girls Fight VOL.5 Yuki Shiho VS Yoko Yamada


sell year 2021/ 07/ 30
maker Gachinama Girls Fight
data 48分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Gachinama Girls Fight VOL.5 Yuki Shiho VS Yoko Yamada

price 5,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

I want to see women fighting seriously! I want to see women's wrestling and wrestling!
No script, no script! Gachinko women's professional wrestling video with a documentary touch.

Moreover, ordinary women and women with various backgrounds have appeared.

This time, "Yuki Shiho" who is active as a free sexy model challenges professional wrestling! !!
What's more, the opponent is a mixed martial artist and a professional arm wrestler champion.
"Yoko Yamada"!

In order to get amateur women to wrestle professionally, it is a combination of techniques by
Come on.

◆ Highlights of this time ◆

Yamada and Yuki are contrasting and interesting.

Yuki is dying and trying to do something, but Yamada looks cool from beginning to end.
In addition, Yuki who receives her skill makes her voice of agony from beginning to end.
In particular, her screams stand out because she has a pretty voice.
Originally a fan of All Japan Wrestling, she knows her passive aesthetics, so
Her attitude to endure her pain is wonderful.


Shiho Yuuki,Youko Yamada

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