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Sun Warrior Leona DX Part 1
Sun Warrior Leona DX Part 1


sell year 2021/ 10/ 22
data 65+10分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Sun Warrior Leona DX Part 1

price 4,400 JPY

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Leona rescues Flair, a mysterious girl who escapes from the pursuit of the Demon King Garunte. The next day, Flair changed her appearance as her transfer student, Mika, but she was attacked by the PTA demon Histeria, who came under Garunte's control. While Leona gained her time, Mika (Flare) escaped with Mihira's guidance. Garunte, who really wants to get flare, helps Histeria to revive the demons who have been defeated by Leona in the past! Leona deals with eight demons who are strong enemies at the same time. She succeeded in letting Flair and Mihira escape, but she was completely beaten up and taken away! The demons who blame her for her past resentment in an attempt to find out where Flair is! What is Leona's fate? !!


Narumi Ookawa,Sumire Nagai

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