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[Blu-ray version] BWP Boxing 04 boxing
[Blu-ray version] BWP Boxing 04 boxing


sell year 2021/ 11/ 05
maker BATTLE
data 87分min
Genre Battle
> Female Boxing

[Blu-ray version] BWP Boxing 04 boxing

price 12,000 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

2021.09.25 [SAT] Held at Akiba Navi Space
A video work containing an ever-evolving legend! !!

Only in the world! !! The 4th edition of women's boxing LIVE limited to Akihabara and beauty! !! Super Women's Boxing Fight Feast with talented people including 3 first-timers! !!

Inevitable, not coincidental! !! BWP Boxing, which continues to provide high-level boxing fights, has made a great success this time as well! !!

Battle World Pro Boxing! !! !! While beautiful boxers are watching over by mania, betting their soul and pride and hoping for a match with all their heart
Sometimes fierce, painful and hot fights! !! !! Watch the moment of the struggle of the chosen people who have worked hard to get the acclaim on this stage! !! !!

BWP boxing that evolves and becomes more stable! !! Don't miss the unique god game! !!

Contents of the iron plate 3 games! !! Toyonaka, who won his first LIVE victory last time, confronted the popular beautiful girl Ai Kawana, and in the second game, the heavyweight Oto Alice and Rin Kagura, who had the most intense discussion of the tournament, showed a breathtaking fight, the main. Kayo Iwasawa, who first appeared in Akari Niimura, who boasts a different level of strength, is ready to take on the challenge! !! !! This time, we will unify the ranks of the players for each match and hold it with a different approach! !! There is a wide variety of content that makes every match different, but the world's only beautiful girl boxing LIVE that does not break its own direction is visualized! !! !! !!}


Ai Kawana,Rin Kagura,Kayo Iwasawa,Arisu Toyonaka,Otsu Arisu,Akari Niimura

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