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Yue VS M
Yue VS M


sell year 2021/ 10/ 30
maker The Legendary Boxing Club
data 24分min
Genre Battle
> Mixed Boxing

Yue VS M

price 6,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Yue wants to challenge the strongest player
I came to this boxing ring.
And she defeated the male player at the beginning.
She is very strong and she is confident that she will win no matter who she fights.
M appears there and proposes a 30-minute match for her prize money.
Naturally Yue won,
She accepts the match because she is confident of winning the prize.
But in this match, even if she goes down and loses her fighting spirit
No matter how rugged it may be, it ’s a one-sided match.
The match is not allowed to end for 30 minutes ...



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Yue VS M Yue VS M Yue VS M Yue VS M Yue VS M Yue VS M