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New heroine close call !! 16 Witch Slayer
New heroine close call !! 16 Witch Slayer


sell year 2021/ 12/ 10
data 60+5分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

New heroine close call !! 16 Witch Slayer

price 4,400 JPY

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Sayaka is a warrior in the white demon world who has a mission to defeat the seven witches who are the remnants of the black demon world. Known as the "Witch Slayer," he subdued the monsters that nest in August. One day, there is information that the fourth black witch, San Geria, is hiding in a marginal village called Lotten Hill. Lotten Hill was infected with a virus and became a wandering village of dead spirits ... Sayaka investigates the cause of the infectious disease and the relationship with the black witch, and decides to set out on a mission to exterminate San Geria.


Emiri Kagomaki

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