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BWP Tournament Final
BWP Tournament Final


sell year 2021/ 12/ 03
maker _battle
data 84分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

BWP Tournament Final

price 9,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The confusing BWP tournament final! Whereabouts of the belt !?

The final tournament will be held! !! The winner here will win the vacant BWP belt and take the seat of the ace of the group! !! It should be Nana Maeno and Tsukasa Nagano who won the harsh tournament, but it was Azusa Misaki who came in with a mask! !! Deciding that Nagano is inadequate, Misaki, who has already sunk in the ring, declares that he will fight in the final instead! !! Maeno is angry at this! !! But she does not run away and accepts her proposal! !! It's terrible, but in terms of ability, can Maeno grab her victory against the champion-class cape! ?? Moreover! !! Unexpected events happened after the match ...! !! See the big turbulence! !!

Azusa Misaki, a monster founded by the Revolutionary Army! Return to electric shock in the tournament final!

Rough finals! !! However! !! The level of fighting is super first-class! !! Transcendental game! !!

Azusa Misaki, who is one rank higher than the eight fighters competing in the tournament! !! He said that he had crushed Tsukasa Nagano, who has a vessel that can become the champion as a top fighter in the tournament, and he is terrified! !! Maeno confronts the suddenly appearing monster opponent head-on! !! Baby face vs heels! !! Collide with each other's individuality, and the transcendental high-level offense and defense goes on and off! !! And after the new champion was decided at the limit, a rainy day happened! !! A further connection was born ...! !!


Azusa Misaki,Nana Maeno

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