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[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT 07 box office
[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT 07 box office


sell year 2021/ 12/ 17
maker BATTLE
data 111分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT 07 box office

price 12,000 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The 7th BWP Satellite box office that constantly challenges and aims to improve

It has been proved in the past fights that the experience in the number of games and box office appearances is directly linked to the strength.
With this, the latecomer debut players will never be able to catch up with the top fighters who debuted earlier.
Therefore, we have prepared a new stage centered on players who have little experience in games and box offices. Study here and run up the stairs to the big ones! !!

2021.10.30 [SAT] A video work recording the BWPNEXT07 box office held at Akiba Navi Space! !!
An ambitious and fulfilling Shinko box office that played the first tag match in history as an official match! !!
After the fight between the first appearances, the intensifying battle of the BWP vs FGI & SSS Allied Forces! !! FGI's rising star and SSS's top fighter
The semi-final will be strong style, and the main will be chaotic ...! !! The composition of baby face vs heel heats up! !! !!

A gem of a new player who left his mark and realized everything from rivalry to the legendary tag match! !!

The first match is the first appearance confrontation! The star name and Hanamiya, who are already highly evaluated in the video work, collide to leave a scratch! !! Show off a good match as expected! !! Risa Mochizuki, the secret weapon of FGI Junior, will participate in the second match, and the BWP revolutionary army, heavyweight Aitsuki Celia will meet in a class difference match! !! The third match is a SSS vs BWP tag match! !! While the SSS corps is overwhelmingly superior, the idol tag of the BWP regular army confronts hard, but it is forced to struggle with rough fight from beginning to end ...! !! The whereabouts of the battle for pride to protect the group ...! ?? The ambitious box office with a total of 8 people was full of content and became a high quality one that you can't take your eyes off! !! An important tournament to know the future flow! !! !!}


Sakura Hoshina,Risa Mochizuki,Aria Narimiya,Ai Kawana,Rei Hanamiya,Seria Manatsuki,Akari Niimura,Ichigo Suzuya

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【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行
【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 07 興行