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BWP Tournament Extra Edition
BWP Tournament Extra Edition


sell year 2022/ 01/ 28
maker BATTLE
data 70分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

BWP Tournament Extra Edition

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Chaotic BWP tournament final! The reason is this!

It wasn't Tsukasa Nagano who appeared in the BWP tournament final, but Azusa Misaki! !! In the midst of great turmoil, the final was held and the tournament was over.
Why didn't Nagano appear at that time? The reason is this fight! !! A cape suddenly appears under Nagano who warms up in the ring before the final, pointing out the awkwardness of the Revolutionary Army so far and starting fighting from a terrible atmosphere! !! The strength of Nagano who fights in a strong style while being dirty is real! !! As expected, the tournament favorite No. 1 is not Date! !! However, he was forced to be inferior to the original ability of the cape + the ruthless and relentless way of winning, and at the end it was a shocking fainting! !! Taste the humiliation that is further violated! !!

The battle between the strongest fighters of the Revolutionary Army is a warlike and mad crush!

In the BWP with many baby faces, the [Warrior] Revolutionary Army is willing to make dirty attacks ...! !! Even so, Nagano has mastered the strong style that is typical of BWP, and is active as a warrior with his sister's skin who can be relied on for his orthodox growth despite being a yancha. But Misaki's crazy fight style wants more! !! Nagano may have a share in a head-to-head game, but the attack on the cape, which specializes in destroying, was ruthless! !! The appearance of that beautiful special attack celestial maiden with her heart broken and succumbing is shocking! !!

Strongest heel vs worst heel


Azusa Misaki,Tsukasa Nagano

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