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We're NG, but I'll show you the soles of your feet!
We're NG, but I'll show you the soles of your feet!


sell year 2021/ 05/ 06
maker Grip AV
data 65分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Tickling
> Legs and Pantyhose
> Feet, Soles and Legs
> Femdom

We're NG, but I'll show you the soles of your feet!

price 5,076 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Two girls with NG faces showed me the soles of their feet. Compare the soles and toes of amateur raw feet at close range. The first person to appear is Yuki-chan, an amateur office lady. Her feet are 23.5 cm in size. She says she has a wide leg, so she seems to have shoes that don't fit. Her toes don't open, but she's solid. Her thumb nails and little finger smelled pretty good. Her toe licking looks slimy and tickling. "I understand the feelings of a man who is being blown". When it comes to tickling, I don't feel like laughing so much. However, her voice is so nasty that she seems to feel it. Next up is Aya, a tall office lady. She is quite tall at 173 cm, but her feet are not that big at 24-24.5 cm. Perhaps because she used to work standing up, there are beans on the outside of her. Her left finger opens better for some reason. She seems pretty embarrassed to smell. Her toe licking seemed pleasant and she was in agony. The tickling blame was "a feeling for the first time in a long time", and she made a voice more like an aegi voice than a laughing voice. It is recommended only for those who want to enjoy the soles and toes of OL who showed off the soles and toes, even though the appearance is NG.


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