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Navel piercing belly punch
Navel piercing belly punch


sell year 2022/ 04/ 19
data 53分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching

Navel piercing belly punch

price 4,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Contents: Navel thrust and belly punch "Standing position and supine position"
Although it is summarized in one book, each content is made up of 5 volumes in units of about 10 minutes.
1: "Belly punch on a daily basis"
2: "Stomach punch through the navel"
3: "Punch the belly while poking the navel with a fine stick"
4: "I'll hit you if you like Hatoo and your navel."
5: "I punched my belly while poking my navel so that I would say I don't like shooting anymore."


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