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Jet Black Agent Lady Fox
Jet Black Agent Lady Fox


sell year 2022/ 06/ 10
data 75+20分min
Genre Battle
> Heroine

Jet Black Agent Lady Fox

price 3,960 JPY

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Hana Yui Tachi, an agent of the Secret Defense Agency, became Lady Fox in a reinforced suit that uses electricity flowing in the human body as energy, and was fighting against the evil organization Insectia. Yui, who saved Momoko Kiba, a genius girl who was abducted by Insectia, is attacked by the spider monster Daran and the bee woman monster Vegas. Yui, who was saved by Momoko and her friends when she was stabbed by a poisonous needle, goes to the battle between Daran and Vegas again to clear her humiliation.


Hinako Ishikawa,Saori Baba,Yuuki Tanaka,Misei Mizumori,Noriko Fujioka

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