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Aftermath of female victims
Aftermath of female victims


sell year 2022/ 08/ 12
maker TraumaArt
data 63分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Other Fetishism

Aftermath of female victims

price 4,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

A work that focuses on female mob victims who were said to be impossible to visualize has finally come true. The two-part composition succeeds in highlighting the crowd and misery of the victims. Frozen edition: Two policewomen tried to defeat the thief monster, but they ate frozen gas and fainted from freezing. There, a mysterious heroine comes to the rescue, but the two of them are completely useless in a state of being placed on display, and after the battle, the two frozen corpses are left behind at the base. Paralyzed edition: Reiko who was suddenly kidnapped and missing, the heroine searches for it and manages to find it, but the paralyzed Reiko is manipulated and attacks the heroine. The heroine challenges the monster to defeat the victim who is holding her back, but Reiko sleeps with the whites of her eyes... A human drama depicting the sad fate of a poor mob woman who is completely useless in battle and only drags her feet.


Reiko Kobayakawa...and more

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