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[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT08 box office
[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT08 box office


sell year 2022/ 08/ 26
maker BATTLE
data 120分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT08 box office

price 12,000 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The 8th BWP satellite performance that met the foreign enemy's gorgeous lineup
2022.6.25[SAT] Held at Akibana Space
A video work that recorded the BWPNEXT08 performance! !
All games that are no longer in the area of NEXT are high-level and gorgeous performances! !

The 1st and 2nd matches are all talented even though they are the first appearances of professional wrestling LIVE! ! And the main thing is the box office! ! ! Gorgeous footage by a total of 8 people is a permanent preservation version! ! !

FGI legend Ako Momona, who had been injured for a long time and is a former four-time crown champion, makes a shocking comeback! Moreover, the tag partner is the SSS Openweight Champion, Akari Niimura!
In order to defeat the strong tag team, BWP will face Mana Nagase & BWP champion Nana Maeno! ! The other two games will also be team battles against high-level Allied Forces! !

High level in every game! ! A super-god box office that records the fierce battle for the box office rights of the Allied Forces vs BWP! !

Heat up from the first game! ! ! Mafuyu Yukina, a talented FGI player, and Hinami Meguro, an elite fighter who is rumored to be the next-generation ace candidate for BWP! ! The second match is Noa Nanaheki, who has a great amount of enthusiasm and is trusted by fans, against a model-like beauty with overwhelming visuals and presence. ! The third match is the Allied Forces vs BWP tag match! ! Maeno and Nagase, who played a fierce battle in BWP09 against the two strongest foreign enemies, now team up to face them! ! On the ring where the crackling royal road professional style match and the cheating unique to tag team are intermingled! ! Every game is wonderful and transcends NEXT! ! A must-buy item for a gorgeous performance with a total of 8 people! ! A must-see for fans! !


Mafuyu Yukina,Yue Toua,Ako Momona,Aina Nagase,Hinami Meguro,Noa Nanami,Nana Maeno,Akari Niimura

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【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行
【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行 【Blu-ray版】BWP  NEXT08 興行