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VS Maisado S Hostesses' Choke Technique Training
VS Maisado S Hostesses' Choke Technique Training


sell year 2022/ 10/ 07
maker Scissors Contest
data 16分min
Genre Battle
> Strong Girl vs. Masochistic Guy

VS Maisado S Hostesses' Choke Technique Training

price 2,200 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

It is a video that Meisa, a super hostess, is severely shaken by choking techniques such as neck four and sleeper hold.

Although he is 142 cm and small, he has experience bullying M men and is very good at using his body to torment others.

In the main story, Meisa will appear wearing a mask. The Scissors Contest wears an open mouth mask.

It will be something that is fixed on a tripod and taken.
In addition, since it is an amateur shooting and editing, I know that there are some parts that do not reach it, but I would appreciate it if you could understand it.

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