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Facesitting Fight 02
Facesitting Fight 02


sell year 2022/ 10/ 14
maker BATTLE
data 63分min
Genre Battle
> Catfight

Facesitting Fight 02

price 8,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Domination or Submission?

Face-sitting ... In SM and fighting, it is clearly classified into the dominating side and the submissive side, and it is a ruthlessly effective means of torture that gives humiliation and suffocation to the opponent, both physically and mentally.

As the name suggests, the main battle was face sitting! The attack that suppresses and suffocates the opponent with the hips that are the symbol of women is exactly the battle of women! ! Mental damage is also accumulated by giving the humiliation of being laid in the opponent's crotch! ! The contrast between the winner and the loser is so clear only in face sitting! A special catfight where the action of face sitting and the fetish feeling of being covered in humiliation are condensed! ! This time, a showdown between the popular and beautiful beauty, Renka Yamamoto, and Aga, who has her loveliness and fierceness! ! The great content that recorded the scene where both are defeated is alive and well! !

What are the two endings?
It is a part branch system in which the route branches in the middle of the same game and the winner and loser are replaced. Since both players will lose, there is no need to complain, "I wanted to see a scene where this player loses..."! In addition, different camera angles are used in the AB part, so you can enjoy it without missing the highlights! !


Noa Nanami,Renka Yamamoto

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