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The course after graduation is a queen
The course after graduation is a queen


sell year 2022/ 11/ 10
maker Mistress Land
data 260分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom
> Live Stock

The course after graduation is a queen

price 7,429 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

After graduating, Nanao, a female student who was wondering whether to go on to higher education or get a job, decided to become a queen after graduating. Nanao invites a male classmate to her house, she imagines that the guy can do naughty things and comes here, but Nanao's purpose is to use this guy as a practice to become a queen. rice field. In addition, Nanao calls her homeroom teacher to her house as a consultation for her career and makes her a practice table. Nanao uses these two to fulfill her dream of becoming her queen. And while her classmates and her teachers are being toyed with by her Nanao, she feels a special excitement, she herself opens the door to masochism and falls into her abyss.


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