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[Blu-ray version] BWP Pro Boxing 06 box office
[Blu-ray version] BWP Pro Boxing 06 box office


sell year 2022/ 11/ 25
maker BATTLE
data 101分min
Genre Battle
> Female Boxing

[Blu-ray version] BWP Pro Boxing 06 box office

price 12,000 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

2022.09.17 [SAT] Held at Akibanabi Space
A video work that contains the legendary Kami Kogyo!

The only one in the world! ! The 6th edition of the women's boxing LIVE from Akihabara, limited to beautiful women! !
A record of a historic battle with successful experimental elements by carefully selected treasures!

It will be swept away if it becomes emotional. If you work with wisdom, you will stand up. When I realized that it would be difficult to live anywhere, poetry was born and paintings were created. In any case, the human world is difficult to live in. It's cramped if you mean it. 

Battle World Pro Boxing has realized and established LIVE fights that were once thought to be impossible. study hard on that
Continue to evolve to more emotional and high-level content! ! The 6 people this time are top class and godlike in history! !

A historic women's show held by a group of gorgeous talented people! !
Ultimate Evolution! Beautiful girl boxing 3 games! ! The return match between Nanae and Nagase, who fought each other at the last box office and fought to the death, the second match is Arimura, a cool beautiful girl who is also active in boxing as a signboard of FGI vs Arimura, a dynamic and emotional battle that will explode the fans. Nagano, who has gained a lot of trust, will fight with leather gloves in the third match, an innovative content! ! ! SSS's Shinmura vs. BWP's Maeno will be a tough team match! ! Three games of gems that consisted of nothing but skill without first-time appearances... this will be a legend! !


Aina Nagase,Nozomi Arimura,Akari Niimura,Noa Nanami,Tsukasa Nagano,Nana Maeno

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