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[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT09 box office
[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT09 box office


sell year 2022/ 12/ 16
maker BATTLE
data 108分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[Blu-ray version] BWP NEXT09 box office

price 12,000 JPY

[ Blu-Ray ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

9th BWP Satellite Show Reaches Highest Level Ever

2022.10.29[SAT] Held at Akibanabi Space
A video work that recorded the BWPNEXT09 performance! !

First time ever! ! A rare event with live fights and kamikiri deathmatches, including the stars!
Kaho Kashii, who will be appearing for the first time in a live show, will be performing a kamikiri deathmatch with Kurumi Suzuka from FGI! ! BWP's NEXT heroine, Hinami Meguro, SSS big shot, Natsuki Kisaragi
The current BWP champion, Nana Maeno, has a god match with Tsukasa Nagano, her fateful opponent who transferred to SSS! ! !

A fierce battle for the box office rights of the FGI & SSS Allied Forces vs. BWP! ! Superb content! ! This is BWP! ! !
The first match is a haircut deathmatch that will be the first in live history! ! Kaho Kashii, who is demonstrating new talent in BWP, will challenge Kurumi Suzuka, who is a strong FGI! ! The second match is a battle between those who have been certified as PROSTYLE THE BEST! SSS's big shot, Natsuki Kisaragi, makes a full appearance and clashes with BWP's jewel, Hinami Meguro! ! And the third match is a title match between the current champion, Nana Maeno, who left a fate in the BWP tournament, and Tsukasa Nagano, who made a splendid transfer to SSS! ! All games are super high level and full of different types! ! ! Kamikogyo has reached the level of skill beyond the realm of NEXT! ! ! A must-have video that is indispensable for knowing the path to the year-end performance! ! !


Kurumi Suzuka,Natsuki Kisaragi,Tsukasa Nagano,Kaho Kashii,Hinami Meguro,Nana Maeno

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