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BWP Vol.70 Trial from the Champion
BWP Vol.70 Trial from the Champion


sell year 2022/ 12/ 16
maker BATTLE
data 71分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

BWP Vol.70 Trial from the Champion

price 9,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Aiming to become a new star of BWP, rookie wrestler Konno challenges Alice Oto, who has an absolute presence! ! Through this battle, Konno must be able to grow greatly! ! Beautiful bodies collide in the ring, and a sweet and fierce battle with emotional expressions and voices! !

Senior vs Junior Showdown! !
A composition of juniors who want to be recognized by seniors and seniors who want to convey their experiences as B-1 champions! !
A beautiful showdown takes place in the ring! !

Two contrasting red and blue one-piece ring costumes! ! Both of them have long legs, and their bust lines and waists are drooping and their style is outstanding! ! I can't stop being excited about the beauty showdown that BWP boasts of dazzling pure white ring shoes...! ! !

One game rule of the soul with a sense of urgency! A confrontation between two people with a disparity! !
Can a rookie beautiful girl raise her own reputation in the fight against the champion?
Another talented person has appeared. Her name is Miina Konno. With her slender body and unmatched athleticism and flexibility, she meets the requirements of a royal star player. But even those with such talent
The walls of the B-1 champion are high and thick! ! Otsu, who now reigns as a player of the highest class in the industry, surpasses Konno in every scene and catches him up! ! Will Konno be able to retaliate? ? A great match between two beautiful people! ! !

Stand up to seniors! ! Various techniques appear in the game! ! Full-fledged techniques such as scorpion solidification, crossbody, Argentinian back breaker, deadly drive, power bomb, brainbuster, back drop, etc. are also perfect!

Includes rich content!
As expected of Alice! ! Konno manages to keep up with her emotional and sexy fight, but...! ! ! ?


Arisu Otsu,Miina Konno

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BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練
BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練 BWP Vol.70 王者からの試練