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MIX Boxing Story 01
MIX Boxing Story 01


sell year 2023/ 04/ 07
maker BATTLE
data 80分min
Genre Battle
> Mixed Boxing

MIX Boxing Story 01

price 10,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The appearance of four female boxers lined up is spectacular! ! MIX boxing special edition! !

A male wrestler who goes to a gym where the practice times for the men's and women's divisions are clearly separated. In order to prioritize the use of the ring, he plans to eliminate the female boxers who are practicing during the women's club's practice time from the ring.

The male boxer who came in during the women's club's practice time tells Nana Maeno and Kirika Hibiki, who were practicing, to surrender the ring, but of course there is no reason to give it up. Moreover, it would be out of the question for him to hand it over to the men's club with a worse track record than their own. Even so, I was half amazed by the male boxer who was reluctant to accept the match.

At a later date, another male boxer (Nagi Mamiya, Kaho Kashii) comes to the ring during the women's club's practice time, but they lie that they won the game they should have lost and try to remove them from the ring. However, it was impossible for those two to lose, so this time both Mamiya and Kashii decided to fight.

A misunderstood man is completely beaten by strong women! ! A story of traumatic despair! !
In the end, the male boxer is defeated by all four of them despite his good fight. Maeno and Hibiki appear there, and it turns out that the fact that the male boxer won was a lie. A ruthless punishment by four female boxers begins on this cheeky male boxer! !

When four people surround and blame a male boxer, they discover that his crotch is swollen! The four of them push the male boxers down, make them take off their clothes, humiliate them, make them submit, and rape them, starting a great purge!


Nana Maeno,Rika Hibiki,Kaho Kashii,Nagi Mamiya

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