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[DVD version]BWP story 02
[DVD version]BWP story 02


sell year 2023/ 07/ 14
maker BATTLE
data 76分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[DVD version]BWP story 02

price 10,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Weave beautiful wrestlers unfolding in the underground ring
Hot, intense, and sexy battles and stories! !

Brave and serious, Yukari is a classic fighter with flexibility and strength. Maeno shows off her overwhelming technique and match skill to her! ! It's a group competition, but gradually the two's fights come together, and Yukari becomes attracted to Maeno...! ! An area that can't be reached if you don't match your skin! ! !

Maeno Nana
Despite introducing Yukari to the management, she criticized the management for joining FGI...! and
Work on her own struggle to get her transferred to the BWP!

Since she joined FGI once, Yukari wants to stick to her original intentions, but she has doubts about FGI's fighting style, and her heart is shaken through her fight with Maeno, and she is suddenly transferred! ! !

Talent vs Talent! Energy explosion!
A pull-out match where the king himself goes! ! The battle has entered a new era!

Yukari no Ka, who made her gorgeous debut at BWPNEXT10, was actually none other than Maeno Nana who recommended her to this world. However, Yukari joined the FGI. Maeno, who complains to her about this situation, decides to lead her Yukari to the BWP in her own fight.
On the other hand, Yukari also has doubts about FGI's dirty fight at the show, and at the end of the fight, the two of them agree. Yukari, who confronts the big game with her swaying emotions, and Maeno, who tries to show off her own strength, have a transcendental professional style! ! !


Nonoka Akari,Nana Maeno

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【DVD版】BWP story 02 【DVD版】BWP story 02 【DVD版】BWP story 02 【DVD版】BWP story 02 【DVD版】BWP story 02 【DVD版】BWP story 02