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[DVD version]BWP story 03
[DVD version]BWP story 03


sell year 2023/ 07/ 21
maker BATTLE
data 88分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[DVD version]BWP story 03

price 10,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Weave beautiful wrestlers unfolding in the underground ring
Hot, intense, and sexy battles and stories! !

Amemiya, who has a gap of about 8 and a half years, will fight against a super-luxury opponent in a warm-up battle before the full-scale start! ! Don't think that it's an idling and low-tension fight, but Amamiya's sense is rather polished, and she clearly emits a dazzling brilliance even when facing her strong opponents! ! This is a treasure! ! ! !

Yukari Nonohana, who transferred from YUE and FGI, who are icons of the industry, to BWP, was chosen as her big-name comeback opponent. Now is the season! Two popular and talented people! !

Luna Amamiya
The super popular gravure idol who once took the world by storm with Fighting Girls is back in the ring! ! Her ability is genuine and not rusted at all! !

First match vs Yukari Nooka Second match vs YUE

Luna Amamiya is back in the ring! This fight is worth it! !

After the BWPNEXT10 match, it was announced that Luna Amamiya will participate in a surprise event! ! The industry is booming with the revival of a rare master who once boasted overwhelming popularity during the Fighting Girls era! ! In this fight, it was an exhibition match that was put together to get a good feeling before the full-fledged participation, but it was a great thing! ! Not to mention flashy action, Amamiya's explosive emotions are still the same, and the battle between the current symbol, YUE, and the supernova, Yukari, unfolds! ! A super gorgeous commemorative video of two games recorded! !


Nonoka Akari,Runa Amemiya,YUE

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【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03
【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03 【DVD版】BWP story 03