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Group competition Vol.14
Group competition Vol.14


sell year 2023/ 07/ 28
data 79分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Group competition Vol.14

price 9,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

The underground ring story of a clash between a solid SSS and a BWP suffering from inferiority! !

BWP's Alice Toyonaka, who has been out of the line for a while, has returned to the ring as Satsuki Toyooka! ! Her appearance is different from before her return, and she has created a very beautifully shaped body, and you can see her seriousness. On the other hand, Shinmura, the absolute champion of SSS, is in a slump when Hinami Meguro, who is unexpectedly underclassed at the end of 2022, is caught in a slump! ? Toyooka plans to overthrow Niimura at this timing and raise her status...! Can Niimura get rid of this formidable enemy!? ?

One match of fire! ! ! BWP, which has recently been pushed by the SSS & FGI allied forces, sends Satsuki Toyooka, who has been away from the Y battle line for a while! ! The two had once faced each other at the box office, and at that time it ended with Shinmura's overwhelming victory. From this, Toyooka, who is convinced of her own growth and faces the match against Shinmura, who feels frustrated that she was put together by a match card with a person who was unfavorable to her! ! The match will be a high-level, high-tempo, and breathtaking seesaw game with both careers! Different quality than last time!

This confrontation will also break their pride, and we are waiting for the development of tearing and breaking their pride! ! Will it be Shinmura or Toyooka who will play the ending? ? Full of highlights with a stable level fight from beginning to end! ! A fusion of sexy costumes and royal road fights! !

Niimura Akari
The absolute queen of SSS that everyone now recognizes! Continue to give off her overwhelming presence!

Satsuki Toyooka
A powerful fighter who has experienced numerous battles as a pioneer of junior-class fighters!


Akari Niimura,Satsuki Toyooka

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