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[DVD version]BWP story 04
[DVD version]BWP story 04


sell year 2023/ 08/ 04
maker BATTLE
data 90分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

[DVD version]BWP story 04

price 10,000 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Weave beautiful wrestlers unfolding in the underground ring
Hot, intense, and sexy battles and stories! !

Royal tradition

First match Yukari Nooka YUE
YUE fights against Yukari who has transferred to BWP to determine her resolve! ! Will Yukari endure almost one-sided attacks?! ! Her will is real! !

Second Match Hinami Meguro Hitomi Aragaki
Hitomi Aragaki, who belongs to FGI, is a match that anticipates Hinami Meguro's ability! ! The hot and hard offense and defense will be firmly engraved in Meguro as an experience and encourage further growth! ! !

Hitomi Arakaki and YUE who reign in the industry as legendary strength and presence. The two of them show their resolve by hitting the treasures that will build the future with their skills! ! Can you withstand the tough attacks from your seniors and show your determination and existence? ? This battle will surely become a treasure for the two rookies!

Rare footage of charismatic guys having a tough fight against the next big guys! !
YUE and Hitomi Aragaki, the charismatic characters of the highest standard, each chose promising rookies and fought in a domination-like fight! !
Can the gems, which are full of hope, endure the intense pain and the energy that hits them, and peel off the skin? ? Unusual in BWP...Squeeze battle! ! Super luxurious special specification work by popular players with beauty, strength and gorgeousness! ! Two games recorded and a very satisfying one game! ! ! Fans covet the sight of the few players who can play a leading role in the industry, throbbing on the white mat! ! This is a royal tradition!


Nonoka Akari,YUE,Hinami Meguro,Hitomi Aragaki

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