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Group competition Vol.15
Group competition Vol.15


sell year 2023/ 11/ 03
data 87分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

Group competition Vol.15

price 9,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Attack on SSS! A bewitching female warrior with a long history of hunting BWP jewels! !

An unprecedented BWP hunting boom by SSS has arrived! ! Up until now, there has been a tendency for FGI to be the main focus and fight against BWP, but from now on, the era will be dominated by SSS! ! While each of them is trying to defeat the masters of BWP one by one, the target this time is Hinami Meguro, the jewel who will carry the future of BWP! It is true that Meguro's ability is at the top level and he is a difficult opponent, but he is too honest and serious...that is also his weakness! ! The aggressive attack by Satomi Suzuki, a skilled gamer, throws Meguro out of shape and leads her to defeat! ! !

A one-shot match of fire! ! ! Meguro is striving to become the strongest fighter, but an unexpected ambush stands in his way. Satomi Suzuki is a talented SSS member. She is petite and not a power type, but her skills in reading the flow of the game, her mentality that doesn't shy away from foul attacks, and her super-sadistic nature that pushes her little girl mentally will open up the world of Satomi Suzuki! ! Ama-chan, who only fights seriously, will be exposed to the harshness of being in the ring! ! Defeat the orthodox idol fighter in the ring and imprint in her mind and body that SSS is the strongest...! ! !

Meguro has overwhelming ability, but his ingenuity in the match is shown, and he is unable to grasp the pace of the match! ! Gradually he becomes inferior, and the humiliation unfolds! ! A talented person that BWP is proud of...! ! BWP trampling project by SSS! ! A great match where Satomi Suzuki's strength and beauty shine! ! !

Satomi Suzuki
A very popular and talented fighter who is both bewitching and cute!

Meguro Hinami
The number one young orthodox heroine who will carry the future of BWP!


Satomi Suzuki,Hinami Meguro

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