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"Blu-ray ver." BWP NEXT 11
"Blu-ray ver." BWP NEXT 11


sell year 2023/ 12/ 08
maker BATTLE
data 119分min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling

"Blu-ray ver." BWP NEXT 11

price 12,000 JPY

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Detailed explanation  NEW

2023.10.28[SAT] Held at Akiba Navi Space
A video work that includes the BWPNEXT11 performance! !

Athletes striving to make further progress towards the end of the year! ! This is where BWP is now! !

1st match: box office debut fight, 2nd match: hierarchy match within the group, 3rd match: miraculous ace showdown that transcends generations! !

In the first match, the talented Sara Uraki & Satori Sano appear for the first time! The second match is Satsuki Toyooka, who has come back with more power, vs. Next Generation Ace.
Meguro Hinami goes head-to-head with the titan! ! The third match is a miraculous super match between former BWP champion Arisa Kawasaki and current BWP champion Nana Maeno! !

This is BWP! ! A baby face fighter performance by 6 talented idols! !

The first match is Sara Uruki, a talented person with excellent physical ability, vs. Satori Sano, a clever beautiful girl with good sense! ! The venue held its breath at the high-level battle that you wouldn't expect from a LIVE for the first time! The second match is a battle between Satsuki Toyooka, who has changed her name and returned with more power, vs. Hinami Meguro, who is hailed as the No. 1 new ace candidate! ! Although the relationship is between senior and junior, Toyooka cries in tears as he fights with no compunction! ! The third match is a heroine showdown that transcends generations between ace Arisa Kawasaki, who made a huge comeback after her much missed retirement two years ago, and Nana Maeno, who reigns as the current BWP champion as Kawasaki's successor! ! Maeno, who has been said to be Kawasaki's replacement, finally proves her significance in the ring! ! An emotional divine match that everyone wanted! ! !


Sarara Uruki,Hinami Meguro,Nana Maeno,Satori Sano,Satsuki Toyooka,Arisa Kawasaki

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【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11
【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11 【Blu-ray版】BWP NEXT 11