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Sacrificial Village Ayaka Mochizuki/Kurumi Suzuka
Sacrificial Village Ayaka Mochizuki/Kurumi Suzuka


sell year 2024/ 03/ 19
data 150分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Kimbaku-style BDSM
> Masochistic Woman

Sacrificial Village Ayaka Mochizuki/Kurumi Suzuka

price 4,180 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

One day, two girls, Ayaka and Kurumi, go hiking and get lost. I can't find my current location even if I look at a paper map because I can't get a cell phone signal. The two of them just keep walking, wanting to get off the mountain before sunset. Then, we finally found an old village. However, this village is a forbidden village where cult customs from the Edo period are still deeply rooted. Secret medicine...brainwashing drums...mountain shrine maidens...legends of tengu...sacrificial rituals...the whole story of an insane tragedy. # Yoro P


Ayaka Mochizuki Suzuka Kurumi

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