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[Blu-ray] Delivery living furniture ~ YAMADA toilet bowl 3
[Blu-ray] Delivery living furniture ~ YAMADA toilet bowl 3


sell year 2024/ 04/ 26
data 110分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom
> Scat Performances

[Blu-ray] Delivery living furniture ~ YAMADA toilet bowl 3

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Detailed explanation  NEW

Three years ago in the summer, the new coronavirus spread across the world...

The new delivery service, which says, ``When called, the toilet can be immediately moved to a private room and used anywhere,'' met the needs of the world and was well received.

However, now that the world has calmed down, living furniture has moved to a new base at the Education Department of the Livestock Human Resources Dispatch Center and is running a ``living furniture model room.''

One day, a group of young ladies who are nursing students wanted to try using it after seeing it on SNS, and Lady Lala, a ``Yamada member'' who came to Tokyo to visit, came to use it every day...

Just as I was considering long-term maintenance to avoid a decline in my ability to finish eating after using it for the first time in a while, I received a delivery reservation from a young lady from Kansai for the first time in a while...

*Virtual angle video recording from the toilet bowl's perspective! !

*Recording video of the first use of “Face Stool-kun”! !


Actual *Nursing student

Aya *Nursing student

[Yamada member young lady]

Haruka *Beauty club member

Kokomi *Beauty club member

Yui *Housewife

Lala *YM Joou

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