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The Conclusi 05
The Conclusi 05


sell year 2006/ 12/ 22
maker BATTLE
data 53min
Genre Battle
> Domination Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.5

The Conclusi 05

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The fifth "Conclusi" has released. This series sticks to the showdown scene. This time, all four battles are pro-style battles. Many offense and defense of techniques, and Give-up scene has come! Contrasting winnwe and loser. Please watch the 8 showdowns of 8 cute girls!


Makino Satsuki
T:167cm B:83cm W:60cm H:90cm
Niijima Yuki
T:145cm B:88cm W:60cm H:82cm
Mizusawa Aisa
T:153cm B:88cm W:60cm H:86cm
Takada Aiko
T:160cm B:93cm W:60cm H:90cm
Takigawa Mao
T:163cm B:93cm W:60cm H:89cm
Oshino Aiko
T:165cm B:93cm W:64cm H:90cm

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