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Highlight DVD of FAIRY FIGHT Vol 01
Highlight DVD of FAIRY FIGHT Vol 01


sell year 2006/ 12/ 22
maker BATTLE
data 119min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Catfight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.2

Highlight DVD of FAIRY FIGHT Vol 01

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Cruel sexual pleasure fight performed behind closed room!Who makes enemy cums will win the victory.The girls using just their sexual technique only.The beauty model Akane and baby face angel Miwa crashes! Indecent erotic fight which falls and turns around the room! Thick and erotic kiss around which a lip to lip,tongue to tongue are twined.Each other saliva is exchanged in kiss.The sexual match began from this kiss battle!The various sex techniques makes both girls to be a captive of pleasure.To win the victory,to make enemy cumming to the top!(38分)
Confrontation of girl students which have greatest confidence in themselves's Sex technique! The past and Sayuri without cuming, however it might sex with the any man.Attack violently with cancer from the opening part! However, the height of pride also meets the No.1 Risako of Japan by tongue technic! The unyielding women from whom a type is different are gentle, and attack each other sexual organs violently! When both who develop a language responsibility battle, and the portion which should be felt usually and which is not have become wet, a girl's pant voice sounds and it crosses!
Confrontation of a daughter and the lesbian elder sister. The elder sister who a certain thing only always attacked lesbian experience, It gets feel well with the pleasant sensation attacked!(33min)

This DVD is edited "Fairy Fight Vol. 01,02,03" again.
While playing, you may see a very brief disorder of the movie, pleae aproove beforehead.


Akane Yazaki(21)T162/B83/W58/H85
Miwa Tsukamoto(19)T163/B83/W58/H85
Risako Mitani(18)T155/B85/W59/H87
Sayuri Natori(18)T164/B82/W56/H87
SORA (20)T155/B86/W60/H85
Miyu Hanasaki(22)T153/B85/W60/H89

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