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Higilight of Ikasekko Battle Vol 14
Higilight of Ikasekko Battle Vol 14


sell year 2007/ 01/ 19
maker BATTLE
data 77min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Catfight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.4

Higilight of Ikasekko Battle Vol 14

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Coming the DVD that the legend of women fight!! The fight and excite for the history of catfight come again!!


A pink nightgown slender beauty Miki Matsumoto and ChihoUchida who has soft big tits whith black nightgown going to erotic lesbian fight.Camel crach,headlock, reverse shrimp lock etc. A lesbian attack while rebuking a partner in professional wrestling work and taking physical strength. Two persons' body reacts and suits each other technique, and voice gradually to the pleasant sensation ... It is which to win sure enough! (About 34 minutes)


Rie is city gal and she has a lot experience of fight by every nights played at club, and had played with lesbian. Tsubasa does not have any experience about fight and lesbian, but she is interested in them and has competitive spirit. These 2 type girls fight at erotic battle! At the beggining, they attack each tits and crotch then they got ecstasy and heat up!! Eri fight vigorously but she little lost her mind by Tsubasa's erotic technique...(about 43 minutes)


Tsubasa Igarashi(T155/B87/W62/H83)

Eri Matsuoka(T157/B86/W60/H88)
Miki Matsumoto: Student(T156 B83 W58 H89)

Chiho Uchida: Student(T155 B90 W60 H90)

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