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The Conclusi 06
The Conclusi 06


sell year 2007/ 03/ 02
maker BATTLE
data 49min
Genre Battle
> Domination Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.5

The Conclusi 06

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

"The Conclusi" series are particular about the contrast of winner and loser from the give up. The sixth film has four battles. Three are pro-style wrestling on the ring and one is housement battle with boxing in bandaged hands. Of course this film has 8 showdown scene of 8 fighters completely!


Himemura Shizuku
T156 B87W57H87
Kitaura Asami
T155 B95W59H85
Sato Rie
T163 B90W62H88
Haruno Tsukushi
T155 B80W58H80
Ozora Mai
T152 B84W58H82
Aikawa Moe
T159 B80W58H82
Hanayama Aoi
T153 B82W58H85
Kawamoto Rin
T161 B84W58H89

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