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Humiliation Wrestle Vol.7
Humiliation Wrestle Vol.7


sell year 2009/ 09/ 18
data 46min
Genre Battle
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Humiliation Wrestle Vol.7

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

"Give losers the best humiliation" After the fierce fight, winners get the honor. But winners get one more thing in this battle. Losers have to give complete obedience to the winners. Women fight to win and give the losers humiliation!
Big boobs fighter Akikawa Rio vs Independent wrestler Asai Chihiro. The difference in power between the two fighters was obvious. After Akikawa defeated Asai, she rips off Asai's swimsuit, and punishes her sexally...
Newcomer wrestler Asakawa Moe vs Senior wrestler Ezaki Marina. Ezaki goes on an offensive against Asakawa, but Asakawa outclasses her attacks. "I may be stronger than her..." Asakawa is convinced and comes out her true character...


Asai Chihiro
T164 B88 W62 H64
Akikawa Rio
T160 B103 W64 H93
Asakawa Moe
T155 B83 W60 H60
Ezaki Marina
T164 B90 W60 H90

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