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Lily sumo wrestling 4
Lily sumo wrestling 4


sell year 2011/ 05/ 06
data 42min
Genre Battle
> Lesbian Sumo

Lily sumo wrestling 4

price 7,620 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Lily sumo wrestling is the sumo wrestling in which each wrestler uses her own lez techniques to let the opponent wrestler cum, and then hurl her onto or step her out of the sumo ring, to decide on the winner.

Rei Momoi VS China Harada

Rei Momoi...On first glance, see doesn't seem to have strong desire to win. But in her heart of hearts, she has intense fighting spirit potentially.

China Harada... She is a skilled sumo wrestler. However, her body is slender, which often happens to cause her body is often held down.


Momoi Rei
T:164cm B:87cm W:64cm H:92cm
Harada China
T:162cm B:86cm W:58cm H:88cm

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