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Muscle Training M Man Domination 01
Muscle Training M Man Domination 01


sell year 2011/ 05/ 13
data 50min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom

Muscle Training M Man Domination 01

price 2,762 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

I entered the training gym where beauty trainers work for to train my body and because of my ulterior motives.
In the training gym, the good-looking trainer "Maki Mizusawa" who has muscular physical beauty directs my body training.
But after some body muscle training, when I directed to unclothe my wear for the lower muscle training by her.
So my di*k is exposed, which makes her eyes glued to my di*k. And she changes the training menu from my body training to my di*k training... She runs the gamut of her sexual desire...


Mizusawa Maki
T:162cm B:88cm W:62cm H:87cm

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