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The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.01
The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.01


sell year 2011/ 09/ 02
data 44min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom

The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.01

price 7,620 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The female wrestlers, "Mitsuki" and "Miwa Yoshiki", who have distinguished sense of pro-wrestling, afflict the male wrestler by locking his joints so tightly as the joints are about to break!! They use from standard moves to maniac moves! This is must-see for the maniacs.

The crimson joint master "Mitsuki"

"Mitsuki" who looks nice in crimson ring costume puts the screws to the opponent male wrestler's arms, feet, and neck thoroughly utilizing diverse joint lock techniques, and enjoys to see him suffer.

Powerful girl "Miwa Yoshiki"

"Miwa Yoshiki" takes on a mixed martial arts fighter. No matter who she fights against, she locks his joints by her joint locking techniques, making the opponent groan in pain!!


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