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The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.02
The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.02


sell year 2012/ 01/ 06
data 52min
Genre FetishWorld
> Femdom

The Beautiful Girls' Submission Attacks Vol.02

price 7,620 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The pretty girls afflict the male wrestler by judo strangleholds and joint-locking techniques! They show from orthodox moves to most difficult moves!

The fair skin little fiend "Erina Maijma"

Wearing pink costume, she is like a angel. But she applies her moves one after another with her coldheartedness and power, to beat the hell out of the opponent!

The strongest black GAL, Tsubasa Miyashita

Wearing blue racing swimsuit, she relentlessly applies her seasoned moves on the men, to destroy his whole body thoroughly! Is this due to her extreme S nature!?

For you who want to be applied by cute girls' moves, this is must-see!!


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