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W Heroine OUT Vol.2
W Heroine OUT Vol.2


sell year 2012/ 03/ 30
data 40min
Genre Battle
> Cos-Play Fight
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.19

W Heroine OUT Vol.2

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

2 beautiful heroines are trapped and humiliated!!
2 heroines reach underground pro-wrestling each for missing sisters for a long time. The 2 girls meet there and find that they share same purpose to save each sisters. But the mastermind appears infront of them and he threatens fight between the two with their sister's life!! He have his man to join the match when the girls get tired and they are humiliated in same time....

Women fight to rescue their sister...
Mona Hinomoto join the underground pro-wrestling as she hears her missing sister is captive there. She beats off the lower class wrestlers to find the mastermind. She finds a woman looking stranger there. She told her name, Rainbow Yui, and she's also looking for her sister. Both girl finds a friend with same purpose and that brings uplifts of morale. And then the voice of mastermind are heard.... He says he will have a sister to the winner of the fight between them.... To get back dearest sister, they are forced to fight but....

They know one sister can be back only in the match but they fights in full power. Mona can stand at end of the match but the nightmare doesn't end.... Another match against a human machine is required by the mastermind. Mona is already run out of her stamina and Yui can't even stand now... The result for the additional match is obvious...
They get angry to the mastermind who doesn't keep his promise but they can do nothing...

They become victims of human machine....

2 girls fights well for the captive sisters but they're trapped in evil and are beaten off and humiliated!!


Rainbow Yui
T:155cm B:100cm W:60cm H:90cm
Mona Hinomoto
T:157cm B:83cm W:60cm H:86cm

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