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sell year 2012/ 06/ 01
data 108min
Genre Battle
> Pro-Wrestling


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Detailed explanation  オススメ

The another story is hidden behind THE TREBLE...

'Longtime Rival' Matches were done behind the splended stage.
In April 2012, the catfight champion with 3 title belts was born--. Its history started from B-1 TOURNAMENT. The strongest one got the glory in THE TREBLE. Against it, this 'THE VENGEANCE' features the girls who lost in ever matches against the TREBLE match fighters and decide revenges against the winners. As it says, 'THE TREBLE' is LIGHT and 'THE VENGEANCE' is SHADOW. Now, the terminal of the long story is lifted!

The 1st match: Chiharu Nakai vs Yuuka Konomi
2 Finalists of the lost B-1 Tournament Fianl match decide the winner!!
In March 2012, the missing match is now here.!! The time of the story statrs again and you will see an another answer in this match.
Chiharu Nakai won the B-1 TOURNAMENT RESERVED MATCH and goes upto its Final Match. She change the fighting place to SSS and she won SSS 1 DAY TOURNAMENT, THE 3RD SSGP and THE SSS no-class Belt. She did defend the belt against Yuria Hidaka. In addition, she won the FightingGirls2 and FG3 events. On the other hand, Yuuka Konomi, she could went the B-1 TOURNAMENT final match as a regular entry. But Yuria Hidaka burst into the final match and beat her right away. She got wound and she needed long time to cure it. She managed to come back. At the time, B-1 title was a vacant. She had a challange right to the title match but she decided to gain the qualification of the challenge. She wanted to show her own actual power and comeback nit she lost the match against Makino. She struggled to get her glory back and had a tag-team match w/ Bomber Himejima(FG) against the SSS union but lost again. She was just a loser. Many fans have been wishishing for the match between Chiharu and Konomi.... Watch this match and find the winner!

The 2nd match:Risa Goto vs Maya Maino
Clash of SSS members!! Elite vs Weed Spirt!!
In Jan. 2012, as a champion, there is a mind she must receive. Now they are going to show the complete settlment. That will open their future.
Chiharu declered she is 'SSS' Chiharu Nakai after winning the SSS no-class championship. Risa Goto, who has brought up in SSS, got angry with the act because Chiharu was once belonged to BATTLE. Risa decided to win the B-1 titles which Chiharu couldn't do. Some girl stood in Risa's way. It's Maino Maya of SSS. Her winning record was very good and she conitued losing matches. But we can see her efforts in 1 DAY TOURNAMENT MATCH, she won. They fighted for qualification of the challenge for the B-1 title. In the match, Risa won in T.K.O by referee djudge and Maya never said GIVE-UP. She required a match against her again but she had to cure her wound for long time. During the time, Risa got B-1 title and build her career. In 2011, she is one of the 2 main champions. but Goto was beaten by Nakai in non-title match in FG3 event. Maino stands in front of her again and she challanges against the B-1 champion.


Chiharu Nakai, Yuuka Konomi,
Risa Goto, Maya Maino

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