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JoshiZumo Kai vol.1
JoshiZumo Kai vol.1


sell year 2012/ 08/ 24
maker BATTLE
data 45分min
Genre Battle
> Female Sumo

JoshiZumo Kai vol.1

price 7,620 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Flesh X Flesh ... Serious fight between women. Girls put mawashi only and clash on dohyo. Girl fighting in sumo is so beautiful and erotic because they fights with their own pure power. Each girl eagerly push hands to make opponent down to dohyo. You can watch the scenes in playing in slow motion. This video is stuffed with the attraction of Girls' sumo.

Girls clash wildly! Watch the girls' fight in overwhelming scens in slow-motion!
Woman in mawashi vs woman in mawashi... face-to-face clash. They just fight by their power in nature.

Just wrestle with own body and take a down from the opponent. It's simple wrestling which has been existing in Japan. 2 female sumo wrestlers stand on dohyo. There's no need to speak but need to have struggle spirits only.
They show Even-to-even fights not to have own body down.


Eri Makino
T:158cm B:93cm W:60cm H:89cm
Ayako Kano
T:156cm B:85cm W:62cm H:82cm

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