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Control play male cheetah Slut vol.5
Control play male cheetah Slut vol.5


sell year 2013/ 08/ 16
data 42分min
Genre Battle
> Strong Girl vs. Masochistic Guy
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.19

Control play male cheetah Slut vol.5

price 2,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Man prey carnivorous system Slut!
Humiliation fucked defeated by a woman so weak you think you could beat absolutely!
Theory-breaking work of Amazons! Slut normal body invisible to the reinforcing layer is Kurau man never! Man take the lick, but end up being pushed by the cheetah Slut emotions exploded, it is prey! To face go fucked Slut, such as riding, Fucking, Blow ... cowgirl. The picture to clarify the balance of light and shadow darken the shade. In addition, and violent people of Slut also dish in front of! Ayashi the difference stand out coupled with a unique view of the world also added a subjective point of view!
Slut is the identity of a pretty sister!

The shoulder is also minutes opponent if Makere Chara-If you win wrestle place ... it away debt in bankruptcy factory ailing! Was clung again!
And runs a factory in Vol.2, came to wrestle play with financial difficulties, but the man who owed a debt further with defeat. Factory bankruptcy finally neck will no longer turn. It has become a thing to shoulder the debt amount of ridiculous. And, was stretched out a helping hand again this fighting field. Man says to rebuild the factory as last chance. Opponents this time also feeble woman. To say that he came for the life of his own. Man is desperate to not step on the same rut as last time, but as you know, come here again he is ill-advised ...

Masturbation while Facesitting! TPE with moss to the man! The enemy without the Slut libido up!
Big beautiful woman pretty beautiful woman to be sublimated to Slut! Life'm In suffering even to I! Was softly turn, whom a tease a man distort the mouth to be missed! To attack from the ground up not allowed to fight back, man storm of Facesitting spread under the ass. And crotch you do not even forced to Uzuka Fucking Big Tits! Shimae the drowning of the tech Slut!


Momo Momomiya
B93 W59 H86

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