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Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 5
Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 5


sell year 2013/ 11/ 15
data 40分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Confinement assault belly punch Lynch 5

price 3,900 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

Weapon and fist , the man to be hammered relentlessly belly weak woman !

The kidnapping , confinement and beauty , thoroughly beaten up by violence , men of Two mask that bliss that you commit ... . Beauty alone is applied to the poison fang today ! Beautiful woman woke up in a strange room . Struggle desperately masked men pounce there ! Trying to escape as well , clothes beautiful woman is stripped , the bat , fist of guys , are hammered and Sinaia Megake its soft belly , Yuku crowded Meri ! ! confused by the storm of violence that befell suddenly , just eggplant beauty remains . Beaten in the stomach , even the breathing Mamanarazu , meat stick unclean of man and infinite hell ... ! That hammered the fist is forced to mouth of beautiful woman also , is awakened by force while divulging sobbing in pain and suffering , even in a faint ... ! shorts to be taken off at last , while being trampled in men the body without impurity , belly punch will continue ! consciousness of Belle Yuki faded the atrocities of brutal men , soon ... !

Runaway and belly Panrinchi , the frail woman ! Devil of a man who does not stop !
Drive a fist about color changes devil men hurting the belly of beautiful woman thoroughly ! With congestion ! Weapon to attack further ! The Ru Thud a beautiful woman while committing !

Devil men to the binding arms behind back the beauty , spree beat belly . Weapon less than tired , such as bat and bamboo sword also added , continue to beat about the color of the belly of beautiful woman turns to red purple ! Man who still inconsequential tired just punch . Go crowded butyrate cock in the vagina and , in beautiful woman mouth while continuing beat !


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