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Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.6
Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.6


sell year 2013/ 11/ 22
maker Bonnoji
data 45分min
Genre Battle
> Erotic Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Women wrestler Subjugation Pilgrimage Vol.6

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Incident female professional wrestler and famous female martial artist is , is thoroughly beaten up by someone , that they are in hospital feeding was occurring frequently in the fighting industry .
Ability as professional wrestler even more than , women's professional wrestler Nonaka Miu that is also entertainment activities as idle from its looks cute . Happened on the set of the video image ... incident . And are crazy about mobile phone into the break shooting with paragraph , the hand of someone creeping up from behind ... . Piece of cloth that was held in the hand is outfitted in the face of Nonaka , Nonaka has lost consciousness soon . There is no reason to know yet that it was involved in the incident of the rumor is ... Nonaka .

Without knowing what's going on ...
Was on top of the ring Nonaka to wake up . Body be stuck tied with a rope and tape . And such say how professional wrestler , rope was not Yawa enough to be able to tear off the power . Nonaka was Megurase his head trying to de- this predicament somehow . Conclusion was arrived at is , that to solved the person that tied . I waited for the person who caught myself continue to believe that he fainted again to come .

That appeared eventually one man who suffered a mask . Solve the rope that tied his leg and try to be obscene for Nonaka you have fainted , masked man put up the crotch of his crotch to Nonaka . And the moment you stooping hand masked man in order to touch the breast of ... Nonaka , both legs of Nonaka is sandwiched solidly built and neck right hand ! Continues as it is tightened , when the relieved bound by the masked man , and stun it tightened further masked man . Is about to leave this place masked man and came to hear the commotion also defeated quickly , but is attacked from behind masked man Large appeared further , it would be beaten up ... thoroughly .

Dangerous punishment brush with death is enforcement !
Nonaka the body and costume was also worn out . It was beaten while not even afford such as stained the pride , and such as it was committed , the other thinks such as whether it was who . I had not even left the power to stand alone anymore , assault masked man is not over yet ... ! ?


Miu Nonaka(Saki Mizumi)
T155 B88 W57 H87

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