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Kendo Women's captain "Nana"
Kendo Women's captain "Nana"


sell year 2013/ 12/ 06
data 53分min
Genre Battle
> Martial Arts
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.19

Kendo Women's captain "Nana"

price 2,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

In front of the desire and anger of man serious club girl ...
I Na captain of the kendo club while girls. As might be partly ability of her, but that male kendo club members uninspiring it to more than one cause . Capita is also a serious girlfriend excellent good-looking , academic well usually , but that would span the guidance you have gone too far people could have changed or because the dedication also often in this and Kendo . Women's martial arts spirit of do not want to lose to a man , might have led to tight guidance to shameless male staff . But this time , had become that the dedication is unhappy in her ... .

Male staff to beside herself with anger as is said of the remainder , would stun the captain Sinai ...
White soft fair skin hidden in hakama is uncovered , the men's club members not help the excitement ...
Before the woman's body that can not move , desire of kendo staff oppressed will explode !
Not reach ( I think ) the enthusiastic guidance I want to win you want to strongly part to ... staff ... but ...


Nana Usami

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