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Sexy!! Fight masochistic match Vol.05
Sexy!! Fight masochistic match Vol.05


sell year 2013/ 12/ 06
data 54分min
Genre Battle
> Domination Pro-Wrestling

Sexy!! Fight masochistic match Vol.05

price 7,620 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

The collapsing body and pride that a heart crush it and is scattered!
A supreme moment that to completely rule over the partner, and demi nationality ... it beats it up and torments it. A heart is folded, and the opponent will expose an unshapely figure on a ring. The energy of the beginning cries for ... pain to where and the figure which I become desperate and drag, and turns around is miserable and is ashamed. We can watch such a beautiful game two games. This victim is a high height wrestler and a pretty senior wrestler. It may be said that the figure of beautiful women bullied one-sidedly is right sensual.
b Makioka violet /b … A slightly shy new face beautiful woman wrestler. I have a heart not to be depressed by tenaciously.
Seven b Sawasato sand /b … A strong-minded new face wrestler. The beautiful woman whom an active attack and tone are characterized by.
Two people who were close so as to cross a tag formerly. However, I suffered a crushing defeat by a tag war with seniors of the man and have quarrelled from there. Makioka which is angry at seven swamps and it which attribute defeat to Makioka. The ruin of former tag!
Makioka which it is pushed for the attack of seven swamps and goes rounds of for reputation. Physical strength is reduced by reverse prawns hardening and stomach punch, a kick steadily. I wait for a chance and set a counterattack somehow … ?
1 stomach kick by the rope! I am kicked many times and gush slaver!
b Kasugano clothes /b which is constipated … The hair of a pale-complexioned, long straight. The back true character of the appearance that I deserve to be you if I right say a beautiful girl, but is sweet …
b Yamasaki space /b … A beautiful woman excellent at a style. I begin to educate an impertinent younger student from the situation of the senior!
Kasugano having high physical ability provokes Yamasaki of the senior. I declare that I let you give up by reverse prawns hardening of the proud skill. However, I float a smile of the room when Yamazaki said to there educates an impertinent young girl without falling silent. The fight of a muddy woman achieves a curtain!
Yamasaki takes a lead in the early stages. Kasugano that reverse prawns hardening is decided adversely, and raises a seductive voice. I go to take the bamboo sword of the weapon, and to give the decisive blow, but am not Kasugano to have stolen so easy?
The camel clutch using the bamboo sword of the weapon floats an expression of the agony on Yamasaki and feels humiliation in what I am made to do by such a figure to an impertinent younger student. Kasugano where Sadistic caught fire is not stopped anymore!


Sumire Makioka, Risa Nanasawa,
Yui Haruhino, Aki Yamazaki

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