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Brutality girls
Brutality girls


sell year 2013/ 12/ 03
maker Lynch Paradise
data 110分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Feet, Soles and Legs
> Shoes
> Buttocks
> Spit
> Femdom
> M Trampling
> Choking and Suffocation
> Predator

Brutality girls

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Detailed explanation 

Be killed sloppy If you do not return the debt

Mother of heaven
Today, I also seem to go there.

The torture Lynch by two tall beautiful woman
Next from the next , spree Lynch cruel various ways the men of four .
The non-stop feature sloppy Lynch by Vice-Chancellor and the original model of the original ladies .
Condensed into one feature-length by the Lynch over two Part usually , Lynch Naburi feature .
The " I'm going to kill you do not return debt ! ! "
"If I skein Lee , et al , in the face sitting , I'll kill while becoming covered in phlegm and saliva ! "

Employer that does not pay the guarantee even , beat to death with his bare hands .
Also too much of it at pleasure , one of the women that punch someone in the face is turned to pleasure is , continue to beat until the face of the corpse .

Women who Yuku feel pleasure as " comfortableーーーー! " While beating the face of men .
And remember the pleasure in feeling that hit the man , while drooling on the pleasure , and beat a man to mess !

To at last , Ganki strike phlegm and saliva Lynch summarizes the men in swimwear
Is multiplied by the urine to the face that was swollen , Beauty , tighten brutally .


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