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Feast of belly punch lovers Vol.04
Feast of belly punch lovers Vol.04


sell year 2014/ 02/ 07
maker BATTLE
data 40分min
Genre Battle
> Belly Punching
> Battle SpecialPrice
> Battle SpecialPrice Vol.18

Feast of belly punch lovers Vol.04

price 3,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

I was invited to the banquet interim champion of B-1 tournament battle is proud!
To my belly punch secret society secret live Welcome. Here is the place for enthusiasts by enthusiasts to two young beautiful woman with Erisugu~tsu, will continue beating belly punch thoroughly. feast of sacrifice poor who belly becomes bright red, continue to hit resistance also can not drooling begins ...

Welcome My fellow citizens, to belly punch secret society secret live
Welcome to the venue of our secret society. So do not be the first to start a feast of frenzy as well tonight. Was chosen for this live, beautiful woman to become a belly punch. Live is done two, one each by Kurawa to the belly with plenty of punch. Is allowed to resist Soga vis, is performed continuously punch as bore in range around the navel flank and front. Like to see spit out gastric juice not withstand ... and like soft white belly is gradually dyed red gradually, fainting to the verge of being driven. Darkness live that affected the belly punch ONLY, you Are enjoy the unbearable time mania.
Subjected to a thorough belly punch Torture in two beautiful, genuine belly punch work

Belly punch to the up-and-coming fighter
Belly Punching Live: 1
1 public eye, rookie fighter charming features that appeared to be registered Longmen, easygoing and fair skin. Some tantalizing after only imagine where the firm fist thug bites into its belly. But I want you to peace of mind. Excitement more than expected is waiting for this feast.

Belly punch of humiliation to interim champion
Belly Punching Live: 2
Would be the strongest in the current battle, the pinnacle of power and beauty "Megumi Haruka" is the second person. And to invite it was allowed to struggle in the past best, but it was assumed that the Otsuri comes even as the struggle paid off. Drool, pewter, strong cool like that she, fainting is caused to dark red belly. Are the best.


Cherry Hanyu, Megumi Haruka

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