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Pro-style Mix NEO Vol.07
Pro-style Mix NEO Vol.07


sell year 2014/ 03/ 07
maker BATTLE
data 58分min
Genre Battle
> Mixed Pro-Wrestling
> Battle SpecialPrice

Pro-style Mix NEO Vol.07

price 3,900 JPY

[ DVD ]

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Detailed explanation 

Triple Crown 's founder and active idle wrestler , appeared .
Evolution pro-style battle of man versus woman

Appearance that it is not impossible ! Ultra-luxurious specifications that two popular women combat man ! !

First game Chiharu Nakai

Gave away the name of the Triple Crown 's , but have the ability ! Chiharu Nakai , which has buried the strong man of many once .
Her words to say romp in the body break or be realized ?
Skill and professional explodes!

The second game Mao Kaneshiro

Mao Kaneshiro kickboxing experience who play against the man while active popular Idol !
The mercy of movements like boxing , even wearing a glove finger open to inquiry a strong kick and punch still a power !

A man and a woman, which is really strong?
In this film to a MIX version of the NEO evolved pronoun of battle, from the pro-style battle, beautiful women will struggle against a different physique!
This time special edition that appeared the first generation triple crown who housed in the hands of the belt of one of the SSS and two of Battle, is active idle surge of popularity!
For Kaneshiro at the level that stands at the top in battle already in and Nakai, was to indulge in the honor and dignity of the room opponent would be the man. Emergency deployment are waiting for, or whether romp ends with ...?


Chiharu Nakai, Mao Kaneshiro

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