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[discounted]Vacuum bed girl choking Torture 4
[discounted]Vacuum bed girl choking Torture 4


sell year 2014/ 03/ 07
data 42分min
Genre FetishWorld
> Rubber and Leather

[discounted]Vacuum bed girl choking Torture 4

price 1,900 JPY

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Detailed explanation 

Pressure , choking ! Dangerous too Torture has gone beyond the limits of the girls ...

She appeared in the shooting to believe the words of the director of I enjoy the different space that you have not experience the whole body is wrapped in rubber . I had first with glee to see the vacuum bed , but stop shooting and internal organs ear is painful to begin to compressed medium containing the emergency. The watermark coaxed such a girlfriend , compression Torture start put in a vacuum bed forcibly again . When I put out playing in various ways or suffocation blame blocking the breathing holes of her only , or by or to stimulate the local in Ma , I have to cry her . The undressed her to appeal to cry again ... vacuum bed .

Torture shooting was placed in vacuum bed and tell me because simple shooting her cute cosplay costume . It is she that was enjoying the feeling of pressure and feel of the vacuum bed , but we will gradually scared in a world where the sound of the outside section is cut off rather than get paralyzed . Resistance can not be , just breathing the only port only open , it is not put out a loud voice it be pressure . The breathing hole is closed by the hand of man in such a case ... . The devoted Ma pushes the crotch of her panic . She is a shooting break hyperventilation when it is moved out . But it was not necessarily finished shooting it and ...


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